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Introducing the ChinGym Chinchilla Playground System!

Our expert test pilots Jo-Jo and Mag-Mag have spend over a month and a half at the Beast Proving Grounds developing the ultimate in chinchilla playground equipment.  Extensive testing has resulted in the development of the ChinGym system.  This innovative system consists of individual bars and connectors that can be assembled in a multitude of arraignments.  The bars are made of ¾” PVC tubing wrapped with 100% sisal rope.  This provides the ultimate in traction and chewability for your fuzzballs.  We are currently selling two models the ChinGym Balance Beam and the ChinGym uneven bars.  Individual pieces are also available so there is no limit to possibilities for expansion.  Feel free to contact Uncle beast at:  beast@unclebeastbooks.com if you have any questions!

ChinGym Balance Beam 
ChinGym Uneven Bars

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